After a long career with Elsevier, Amanda Wolff is now the CMO for OneSpace, a tech startup that specializes in helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies improve product and content visibility on Amazon and similar online retailers. We chat about what’s happening in the CPG ecommerce space today and accelerating changes in how consumers shop for and buy these products online.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How delivery services (e.g. Instacart) and click-n-collect capabilities are impacting fast-moving consumer goods like beverages
  • Ways OneSpace works with clients to establish or evolve their ecommerce operations, ensuring they optimize their online content on a regular cadence
    • Where your products sit on a “digital shelf” and their search rankings can change every day or even during a single day, requiring constant vigilance
  • The process of optimizing product content and getting it out to retailers so it’s available for online shoppers
    • In addition to its content distribution platform, OneSpace content creators actually develop rich product content or optimize baseline content available from manufacturers
    • Traditional CPG content was pushed to consumers and is rather emotive and high level; however, online shoppers “pull” content using search, so content presented in search results needs to be more detailed and drive purchase
  • Industry disruption caused with a move to sell directly to consumers online vs. going through the large retailers
    • Much of this has been driven by industry upstarts, emerging digitally native vertical brands who use social commerce and influencers to tell their story directly to consumers and build demand outside of traditional retail channels
    • How larger CPGs are using acquisitions to bolster their direct-to-consumer (D2C) offerings and skills
  • Some dangers of working with large retailers, particularly Amazon, including retailer-owned white label products
  • The importance of access to consumer data, including what they are searching for
    • OneSpace leverages this type of search data to drive effective content creation
  • Why optimizing your product content for voice search is now less of a concern than changes to retailer programs like Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central
  • How ecommerce teams in CPG companies can provide a more holistic view of the consumer for organizations which have traditionally been segmented by brand
  • Why Amanda believes the coming year will bring more innovation with grocery and fast-moving product delivery options in North America, catching up with service levels already seen in the UK and Europe