In her consulting work at Soleberry over the past 13 years, Gabrielle Hase has helped both established retailers and startup brands grasp how the digital space impacts customer behavior online and offline, giving her clients a deeper understanding of their consumer.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How her new UK-based digital venture, CatDogFish, helps her keep in touch with the market and gives depth to the advice she’s offering clients
  • The differing challenges facing today’s “digital first” startups vs. established consumer brands – and what each needs to do to keep both their product strategy and their brand story pointed in the right direction
  • How to appeal to today’s “fickle and promiscuous” consumers, who expect weekly if not daily engagement from their favorite brands
  • Why your digital strategy MUST be driven from the very top of the organization to have any chance to succeed
  • Why the biggest challenges for direct-to-consumer businesses include “the hygiene factor” and getting your data in order
  • Her view that 2019 is the year to figure out your strategy for Voice