In her work as a project/program manager in the retail and travel space, Karthika Mayo focuses on building out digital solutions for direct-to-consumer brands and retailers.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Her recent work with cosmetics company e.l.f. to replatform from a legacy ecommerce system to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (along with other SF solutions)
  • Why both vender salespeople and business executives should include a company’s broader digital team when considering a new commerce project
    • Just selling to “who holds the checkbook” doesn’t work – your product may not be short-listed for consideration
    • Digital stakeholders are found across the organization, and their adoption will determine a solution’s success post launch
  • How the sales process itself is an educational opportunity
    • Businesses use the RFP process to learn about available solutions and build out their list of requirements
    • Insisting on using a scripted, scenario- and demo-based approach to evaluation is key to comparing options
    • Vendors’ reputations in the market are powerful – retailers/brands narrow down options based on what they hear from their own network
  • Why vendors should be transparent and proactive in helping a business understand potential tradeoffs needed or where customization will be required
  • Why personalization is the theme for 2019 in the Beauty space