As data experts with both consulting and client-side experience, both Patrick Ezell of Bridgetown AI and Andrew Duffle of Data in the Raw are excited by how retailers and direct-to-consumer brands can leverage all the capabilities offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google and other emerging technologies to build a winning commerce strategy – if you embrace change and hire people passionate about data.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The origins and focus of both Bridgetown AI and Data in the Raw, and how they differ from other offerings on the market
  • Key evolutionary improvements for data from a digital commerce perspective
    • Plummeting costs of data storage and compute with AWS and Google offerings
    • Rising demands for online privacy and rollout of GDPR and similar laws/regulations
    • Higher consumer expectations for a tailored and compelling online experience
  • The need to invest in smart, passionate data science talent to maximize the effectiveness of today’s tools and data capabilities
    • Finding/grooming data talent when you can’t afford, or find, PhD-level data scientists
    • The necessity for all digital commerce professionals to become data conversant, if not data fluent
  • Why it is imperative that brands (not platforms) own their own data
  • Where automation can be applied using data and related tools
  • Why, if you completed your last big BI initiative 5 years ago, you are now “generations” behind in what’s possible with data
  • Why the near future promises:
    • Massive growth in microservices, which will put pressure on expensive and monolithic legacy platforms as new, innovative players come to market
    • That more companies will bring all data in-house as solutions scale quickly and more cheaply
    • A more level data playing field, allowing smaller retailers to have the same insights and capabilities of the Fortune 100 enterprises