Currently the VP of Partnerships at Coredna, Paul Savage leverages more than 15 years of digital experience to his role helping companies like Nintendo, Tivoli Audio, and Stanley grow their brands using the Coredna suite of applications. Originally from Cork, Ireland, Paul has also worked in Germany and likes his cuppa (double espresso) very strong indeed.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Coredna’s origins as an in-house content management solution developed by an agency in Australia back in 2000, the more recent focus on ecommerce and push into the North American market, and how the solution has evolved into the fully featured, multi-tenant SaaS-based CMS + ecommerce platform offered today.
  • The advantages of having a single platform – and thus a single business interface – that handles both content and commerce for brands, with the added bonus of maintaining a single view of the consumer.
  • How Coredna can help scale an emerging brand, from initial story-telling and marketing efforts through to a full-blown commerce model and even international expansion.
  • Some of the applications Coredna provides that position it uniquely in the content and commerce market today, including ticketing, PM tools, and B2B inventory functionality.
  • How industry “commoditization” is driving down costs and timelines, helping new brands go to market more quickly.
  • Why today’s platforms are distinguished more by their usability and ease of adoption rather than unique feature sets, as most platforms today deliver a long list of capabilities.
  • Advantages (and some challenges) provided by a multi-tenant solution where all clients access the same core platform/applications.
  • Some recent commerce/data news from McDonald’s and Instagram, and what this might mean for retailers and brands trying to read the tea leaves.
  • The continued prominence of brands going direct to consumers, and the huge opportunities with B2B ecommerce.
  • Why 2019 will be the year of brands going global and optimization of recent investments in new technologies and tools.